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Empowering people to learn one game at a time.

This is the founding principle of Gamify Live.

Our Story


Gamify Live was developed out of a need to improve training for organizations through the use of games and fun. Steve Silverberg has been hosting a similar concept of gamification using a Game Show called Text Breakers (text message - icebreakers). This nationally touring show provides entertainment and team building to college students across the country as well as small businesses and private events. In 2018, he received a certification in gamification from The Wharton School of Business. His experience with motivation and engagement in group settings have resulted in breaking down barriers of communication while increasing productivity to those in attendance. Steve’s passion for changing people’s outlook on life continues to fuels his desire to help people step out of their comfort zone effortlessly.


Dr. Amber LaJeunesse earned her doctorate in higher education leadership in 2017. Her years of mentoring and providing leadership training and development to many students at higher education institutions result in her ability to train others in soft skills with ease. She has extensive professional experience as a results-driven Director of her department involving engagement and leadership. She always seeks to find solutions for complex problems simply by asking the right questions to the right people. Her involvement in teaching soft skills has contributed to hundreds of students’ successes beyond their college years. The results have been proven countless times as alumni revisit their alma mater to share their success stories after graduation and how Amber directly impacted their accomplishments.


This husband and wife duo has combined their talents, skills, and professional experiences to form Gamify Live. The individual skill sets they possess have allowed others to seek their own self-awareness and change their mentality on developing better personal habits. The couple lives a fun, adventurous life together and they have created this amazing program together. They LOVE to travel and they love games. Who doesn’t love a good game, right?! Now you can understand that Steve and Amber’s mission is to empower people to learn one game at a time.


What is Gamification

Gamification uses game-design elements to increase motivation and engagement while educating individuals on specific topics. Results are monitored in real time using leaderboards creating consistent feedback, friendly competition, and an increased desire to succeed individually and as a team. Badges, awards, and points are applied similarly to playing a video game that uses strategy to collect enough points to advance to the next level.


The science and psychology behind gamification is placing players into the mindset of competition; therefore increasing their levels of engagement and motivation. Players become competitive by adhering to the rules and regulations of the game that are set forth to win. This ultimately attributes to having players interact and engage with their teammates or opponents. Players are actually being educated on specific topics using gaming techniques and fun, often without even realizing it. The hidden lessons that are infused with games are designed to keeps players’ attention by involving them throughout the duration of the program.


Software, video games, and simulations are prominently used for gamification in the workplace. However, Gamify Live uses the same gaming elements and brings them into a physical reality environment (in person). The same results used in video games are also accomplished in a setting that allows people to interact personally with others while working towards a common goal.


We experience gamification throughout the course of our daily activities without realizing we are actually playing some sort of game. Regardless of the result, points, badges, leaderboards, and social interactions are used throughout things like airlines’ frequent flyer miles, credit card points, online profiles, social media location check-ins, and many others. Games have been used to educate and teach us life lessons since early childhood and continued on throughout life. Gamify Live is continuing the same educational lessons to train adults to learn new information through the uses of interactive and engaging games. As adults, we learn new things often but we forgot somewhere along the way that lectures and slideshows were not how we learn best.


What are soft skills?

Soft skills are interpersonal characteristics people possess in the everyday life and activities they perform. They are used daily by most people without any type of awareness. These essential skills are the building blocks and fundamental foundation of how we succeed in life both personally and professionally.


By understanding how to apply soft skills personally, people become more aware of how they interact with others and manage their tasks more profoundly. Their attitudes and outlooks on life are more positive as they utilize these skills to their benefit. We all have the capability to learn how to use soft skills; however, they may lay dormant inside our minds. Gamify Live teaches people not only how to discover these skills within themselves, but also to explore the benefits on how to apply them appropriately when interacting with others.


Soft skills in the workplace can have an impact on productivity and the ability to produce better results. Workplace skillsets are required to succeed in any position regardless of the industry or experience you have. If you lack soft skills, you might very well struggle just to understand the basics of your job description. Employers want to make sure their employees display the appropriate skills when contributing to team projects as well as individual progression in their careers. Hiring managers look for these skills when interviewing potential candidates and making promotion decisions. They can quickly tell if someone has developed their soft skills.


Examples of soft skills:

Communication (nonverbal & verbal)


Teamwork & Collaboration

Change Management

Problem Solving


Time Management



Although each Gamify Live program will differ based on the needs of the client, Soft Skills and Customer Service training will always be a part of each program. We see Soft Skills and Customer Service Skills as essential for success in the workplace. In addition to Soft Skills and Customer Service training, we offer a personalized approach by incorporating specific customized content into the existing games we offer. Each game has different objectives and uses different tools to keep the program fun and energetic. We also award points and badges as participants and teams advance throughout the games. By the conclusion of the program, co-worker comradery has improved, participants have increased their knowledge, and those in attendance have a good time.

Customized Packages


Here are the packages that we offer for your training needs. Please contact us for pricing quotes.


VIP = A standardized training on Soft Skills and Customer Service Skills like Communication and Listening, Problem Solving, and Empathy.

Duration = 2 hours


Expert = A personalized training on Soft Skills and Customer Service Skills, includes custom content. Duration = 2.5 hours


Elite = An in-depth personalized training experience combining Soft Skills, Customer Service Skills, and custom content.

Duration = 4 hours


Examples of the fun tools used during the games:

  • Professional game show buzzers for teams to use when competing in trivia rounds

  • Audience polling and social norming using text message responses

  • Interactive role-playing that involves improvisational comedy and audience participation


How customized programs work:

We provide a packet that includes program options in a variety of customized choices that include the time length, Soft Skills, and Customer Service Skills. Additionally, the client has the option to provide us with the material they wish to be trained on and we translate it into games. These games are all equipped with debriefing questions and reflections to connect what the participants are bringing back to their everyday work. Based on the selected preferences and the individualized content from the client, we customize a program that best fits your needs. No two programs are ever the same due to the different players and the desired outcomes of each game.


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