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Our program teaches kids a variety of life and communication skills needed to succeed in their youth. We teach them how to be confident in who they are and how to engage others while in the process. Games are played throughout the program that introduces them to new concepts of fun and learning while practicing the skills they already know. They also learn how to communicate better using their body language, verbal and listening skills. The program includes group discussions to make sure they understand what they just learned and how to apply it afterward. We omit technology and replace it with human interaction and face-to-face connections.

   Various Soft Skills:

  • Manners

  • Communication

  • Listening

  • Building Rapport

  • Empathy

  • Problem Solving

  • Self-Control

  • Self Esteem

  • Confidence

  • Good Manners

  • Socializing

Sample Sessions: 


Session 1:

  • A general overview of soft skills and how to apply them when interacting with their friends and family

  • Topics on soft skills: Problem-solving - Self Esteem

  • Discussion:

    • Tell me about a time when you had to solve a problem and how what did you do? How did it make you feel once it was resolved? Tell me about yourself and what you love most about who you are. Do you think you’re funny? A good friend? A good brother or sister? What do you think about that makes you happy and smile?


Session 2:

  • Topics on soft skills: Communication – Verbal and Body Language

  • Discussion:

    • How do you feel when someone doesn’t look you in the eye or their hands are crossed? Have you ever shrugged your shoulders after someone asked you a question? How did that make you feel?


Session 3:

  • Topics on soft skills: Empathy - Building Rapport

  • Discussion:

    • Tell me about a time you felt or related to someone else's emotions while they shared a story with you. How would you display empathy towards a friend or family member? How would you expect someone to empathize with you if you were feeling upset?


Team building - Creating friendships - Extending their comfort zone limits - Confidence builder - Learning by playing games - Recognition - Friendly competition - Leadership skills - Social engagement - Motivation - Inspiration

If you want to learn more about Gamify Live's Youth Development Program, email or call 215.613.9484. We will get back to you shortly.